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Sony MDR-Q22LP w.Ear Headphones with Interchangeable Headphone Caps Reviews

Sony MDR-Q22LP w.Ear Headphones with Interchangeable Headphone Caps Reviews
Other products by Sony Ratting 4.0 Out of 5.0 Special Offer Total New 11 Total Use 0

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Indulge in the style and comfort of w.ear Style Headphones with Sony's MDR-Q22LP. Featuring a Clip-on Style which offers a Turning Adjustment feature that provides easy wearing and flexibility, and a Snug Fit which minimizes sound leakage and offers consistent audio quality, these headphones really rock! Additional features include an active and unique design that eliminates the headband, interchangeable blue and silver headphone caps to add to your on-the-go ensemble, an innovative spring action earpiece, a 30mm driver unit, and a tangle-free cord. The MDR-Q22LP headphones - made for listening on the run!

Technical Details

- Fashion Headphones with Interchangeable Caps
- Unique Design Elliminates Headbands
- Innovative Spring Action Earpiece
- 30 MM Driver Unit
- Neodymium Magnets
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Customer Buzz
"Great Head Phones!" 2010-05-17
By Brian Petersen (Portland, OR)
My previous headphones were misplaced somewhere so I was looking for something that would comfortably stay on my head during workouts and runs. The sound quality is actually a lot better than the last pair that I had and I haven't had any problems so far with them falling off or anything. Comfortable + good sound + great price = highly recommended!

Customer Buzz
"These will last you forever!" 2010-05-13
By Sandra Porzilli (Jeffersonville, PA USA)
I had these same headphones for 5 years before they broke, and I used them almost every single day; threw them in a book bag when traveling Europe, used them at work, and used them for bike rides. They always sounded good, always fit, and lasted forever. After all that time, I had to replace them. I bought fancy Philips ones and other kinds and they just keep breaking after a few months. Finally I found these again and will never go back!

Customer Buzz
"Spectacles Wearer" 2010-05-11
By J. Smith
As another person commented, I don't find earbud types comfortable. I find these earphones quite comfortable -- once they're in place. They are a little awkward for someone wearing eyeglasses -- too much stuff fitting behind the ear. I have to remove my eyeglasses before hooking the earhooks around my ear, THEN put my glasses back on.

Customer Buzz
"Perfect for an Ipod and they last for years!" 2010-04-28
By jojo monkey boy (columbus, ohio United States)
I have had a pair of these for years. I was astonished and delighted to find that they still made them. The drivers are smaller than the ones in the old over the head headphones but much larger than the ear phones. What that means (and why I originally bought them) is that they don't distort like ear phone but they are louder (because they take less power to drive) than typical earphones. I have abused these things for a very very long time and came looking to replace them because the foam is torn out from use... not because they have gone bad... not because the speakers are bad but because I've used them until they have become unusable. How long has it been since you could say that about anything you have purchased in the last 10 years? I originally used them for the typical reasons mp3 or CD players but 4 years ago my girlfriend (now wife) moved in and we have our computers very close together so in the past 4 years they have been getting A LOT of use. In that 4 years she has gone through countless pairs of head phones due to being cheap, poor quality and not being able to take the abuse. I on the other hand have been making due with my OLD Sony clip on ear phones and just decided to hit up the old amazon because the foam being deteriorated was simply annoying me. When I saw them still available I had to order a pair and leave a review. Enjoy!!!

Customer Buzz
"Very good headphones + durable" 2010-04-25
By Kareen Millard (somwhere over the rainbow)
I love these headphones i started using them 6 years ago and they have never failed me. through the 6 years that I've used them i have only had to buy new ones 2 or 3 times. they're not for everyobody but i like the style because ear-bud headphones always fall out of my ears and these clip on without falling off. i have to give it a 5/5 on durability because they last a very long time.

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Sony MDR-IF240RK Wireless Headphone System Reviews

Sony MDR-IF240RK Wireless Headphone System Reviews
Other products by Sony Ratting 3.5 Out of 5.0 Special Offer Total New 39 Total Use 2

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Get ready to rock with Sony's MDR-IF240RK Wireless Stereo Headphones System! This complete kit which includes a Transmitter and Headphones offers features like its lightweight, open-air design, 30 mm Drive Units for deep bass, up to 60 hours of battery life with an optional alkaline battery or up to 35 Hours of Battery Life with the supplied NiHM Rechargeable Battery, and a Transmission Range up to 24 feet. Also utilize the Transmission Coverage Angle - up to 90 degrees. Permitting an easy connection to your home audio system, TV or VCR, the MDR-IF240RK provides a personal entertainment experience you can move to.

Technical Details

- System has 24-foot range and lasts up to 35 hours
- Simple battery recharging
- High-powered ferrite magnets generate superb sound
- Weighs 6.3 ounces
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Customer Buzz
"Good cordless headphone" 2010-05-25
By Xiaofan LIN (San Jose, CA USA)
The sound quality and reception range are much better than my old non-brand one. It automatically shuts down the volume when you are moving away from the sound source so that you won't be bothered by the loud noise. It's also comfortable to wear. The only problem is that you cannot directly charge standard rechargeable batteries in the unit. You can only plug them in after charging them externally. The little squares around the otherwise standard rechargeable batteries are needed to charge in the unit. The official replacement batteries (bp-hp550) can be very expensive compared with the price of the headphone.

Customer Buzz
"Very Pleased With Sony MDR-IF240RK Wireless Headphone System" 2010-05-19
By N. M. Riley (Chico, CA USA)
No more missed dialogue, no more guessing what was said, since using the wireless headphones!

My husband is entirely satisfied with the Sony product.

We have opted to use disposable batteries in the device rather than bother with recharging the one in the headphones.

He wishes that he could mute some advertisements with the regular remote but understands why that is not possible!

Customer Buzz
"Good for the price" 2010-05-11
By U. Mukatira (Memphis, TN)
You get what you pay for! While I have no major complaints about the product, the treadmill we have seems to interfere with the wireless headphones. So, while running it's useless, otherwise it works great

Customer Buzz
"how to save your wife's ears" 2010-05-10
By Wayne Crump (texas)
ear phones work great. able to listen to crystal clear tv volume and not have the volume up too loud. also can have the volume completely off for complete silence in the room. wonderful product.

Customer Buzz
"Same problem as others :(" 2010-05-07
By Susan T (Arlington, VA USA)
When my headphones arrived they were in perfect working order, they worked great for the first week. After that they would increase in volume for literally a second followed my a audio "pop" then base would shutoff. This happens about every 5 min. Unplugging base made them work again for a short period but who wants to do that . I don't recommend these headphones at all.

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Sony Digital Media Port Cradle for iPod and MP3 Players (Black, TDM-iP10) Reviews

Sony Digital Media Port Cradle for iPod and MP3 Players (Black, TDM-iP10) Reviews
Other products by Sony Ratting 4.5 Out of 5.0 Special Offer Total New 7 Total Use 5

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Connects with compatible Sony home theater systems and receivers with DIGITAL MEDIA PORT Input : Allows you to play your music through your home Audio system and even control some features from your home theater remote

Technical Details

- Connects with compatible Sony home theater systems and Receivers with DIGITAL MEDIA PORT Input
- Works with many iPod (5G/4G/nano/Mini) models
- On-screen-display feature to search songs on monitor
- Charges iPod player when placed on cradle
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Customer Buzz
"Works well enough with iphone 3GS" 2010-02-04
By codepanda
Pros: the base is heavy and has rubber feet, it just works, like most universal docks it includes various baseplates for various ipod models

Cons: short cable (slightly over 3 ft.)

Technically, it does work with my iphone 3GS. When plugged in, the iphone brings up a prompt saying that the accessory is not compatible and asks if you'd like to switch to airplane mode to reduce audio interference. I haven't quite figured out what that's all about, but I did not switch to airplane mode and the audio seems to work just fine. The ipod touch baseplate seems to fit the iphone (logically). Unfortunately, the case I have on my iphone (CaseMate Barely There Acrylic Case) prevents it from fitting in the ipod touch baseplate so I just didn't put in a baseplate at all (not ideal, but it works). That particular iphone case is, in fact, barely there, so I think it's safe to say this would be a problem with *all* iphone cases. The remote for my stereo does not control the ipod functions while my phone is docked as it is supposed to (so yeah, I guess the accessory really isn't compatible). As of this reviewing, the reviews for TDM-iP50 have one person claiming it does work with the 3gs and one person claiming that it does not. I suspect that the 3gs situation there is the same as with this dock so I won't be doing an exchange.

Customer Buzz
"performs as advertised" 2009-12-16
By T. Wallis
good product. we keep and play music on our ipod instead of the CD shuffle.

Customer Buzz
"Works as intended!!" 2009-09-12
By M. Santiago (Buford, GA)
I purchased this item and within minutes plugged it to my Sony receiver. Ipod fits snug and no chance of falling off. It's nice that it charges the player as well. At first music sounded boomy, but once I read the manual that came w/ the dock it explained how to change the settings in the Ipod for better sound. It works great and it's a welcomed addition to my home theater.
Just make sure that you have a Sony receiver that supports DMP (Digital Media Port) plug.
I would recommend to all.

Customer Buzz
"iPod Cradle" 2009-07-11
By Race (Florida)
I've had it for a few weeks now and I'm very happy with it. It works very well with my Sony HT-SS2300 Home Theater System and I can use the remote control to scroll thru my music on my iPod. You can't see the iPod menu on the T.V screen but I have seen some other models that do and I was not impressed, the menus looked old and out dated as if you were looking at an Atari system from the 80's. So if you just want to listen to music from your iPod it is worth it to buy this Cradle.

Customer Buzz
"Just what you would expect" 2009-07-09
By B. Fegley (Central Pa)
Bought this for my son, who had purchased the larger stereo system that had the dock as an 'extra' The dock from the origional system was bumped off a table and broken, so this purchase was to replace that.

My son is thrilled with this. States that his Ipod fits better in this one than the origional one that came with the stereo. The price was the best I found on the web ( of course I consider shipping into the total cost of the item) So far so good. I would buy another one from here I needed to.

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Sony MDR-V600 Studio Monitor Series Headphones Reviews

Sony MDR-V600 Studio Monitor Series Headphones Reviews
Other products by Sony Ratting 4.5 Out of 5.0 Special Offer Total New 16 Total Use 6

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An ultra-wide dynamic range to handle the finest digitally recorded music Gold-plated UniMatch plug fits into standard and mini plug jacks Coiled cord

Technical Details

- Designed and engineered for high-end audio applications
- Aura-Nomic design conforms to ear's anatomy
- 40mm drivers for deep bass response
- Concealed single-sided oxygen-free copper coiled cord
- Gold-plated stereo UniMatch plug
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Customer Buzz
"Perfect balance between price and quality" 2010-05-16
By D. Tramte (Bowling Green, OH USA)
I HIGHLY recommend these headphones to anyone! These have the sound quality of $400 headphones for well less than $100. They are unbelievably comfy too, which is actually pretty important when your working on or just listening to music all day.

My only problem with them is the fact that they aren't as durable as your typical $300^ studio monitors. They're mainly plastic and they could theoretically crack if you were to sit on them or something. However, you just have to remember that you only paid about $70 for them!!! Everything else about these monitors are AMAZING. You just have to make a conscious effort to take care of them.

I am an electroacoustic composer so I need a perfect representation of the sounds that I make. I used to have to go to the studio in order to hear it on awesome speakers. Now, I can just work at home because these headphones are truly that good!

There are no sound canceling functions on these headphones BUT the padding is such that I can hardly even hear myself breath.


Super comfy. Almost usable as earmuffs!!! When music isn't playing, I sometimes forget they're on my head!
Super cheap. You are NOT going to find a better quality product for this price. Fact!
Sound quality is pretty much as good as you can possibly get!
Chord stretches pretty far. Quarter inch AND eighth inch. Flexible.
Bass response is awesome!
Sony gives a ton of buffer room for frequency response! 5 hz to 30,000 hz!?!?!?! Overkill!
Super quiet ear cups.


Almost all plastic. So, there's a potential to break.
If you're moving around a lot, you can occasionally hear a plastic on plastic creaking/friction sound. This rarely happens however. You'd have to be REALLY moving around.


Seriously, if you're looking for REALLY AWESOME studio monitor headphones, there is no reason NOT to buy these! If you're that worried about durability, BUY 2 OF THEM!

Customer Buzz
"Sony MDR-V600" 2010-05-02
By RG (St. Pete, FL)
I'm not an expert. These are good quality headphones with very good sound. Better sound than my Bose QC3 headphones.

Customer Buzz
"Sony Sucks" 2010-04-12
By dasn0wman (Brooklyn, NY United States)
I used to think these are good but as I realized it was more a placebo thing because 1) I used to think Sony makes the best electronics so it would naturally include headphones 2) I was ignorant in the world of headphones. Do your research, Sony is not even close to being in par with the best headphones manufacturers like Sennheiser, Grado, and AKG. These brands are, in my opinion, the best in the business. After listening to jazz with my AKG 702 and switching over to the Sony, I feel like just throwing this piece of garbage on the wall like really hard. The sound coming from it sucks so bad in comparison with my AKG. Don't believe me? Read all the bad reviews in any review web site, not just this site, and you will hear the same thing: muddy. Sony headphones sound muddy. I own 3 Sony headphones and they all have the same characteristics: loud, muddy, and bassy. Now 1 and 3 are not bad qualities, but 2 is just unacceptable for anyone looking for good sound. Now these will for sure sound better than really cheap portable headphones or your ipod buds, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are any good.

Customer Buzz
"best headphones. period." 2010-03-17
By D Mats

I am a huge audiophile and I listen to music ALL the time. Mostly hip hop and rap, with a little pop, R&B, and rock. I have tried countless headphones over the years: various Skullcandies (SK Pro, Ti, Skullcrusher), Sennheiser HD 280, Beats by Dr. Dre, and these. The best headphones in this list are the Beats and these Sonys. The only difference is that the Beats have slightly better bass. However, if you dont want to pay $300 just for slightly better bass, then they are otherwise the exact same headphone. The Sonys have superb sound quality: its a whole different experience listening to music, i heard effects and little touches in the songs that ive never heard with any other headphone. Durability is FANTASTIC: ive heard complaints about the vinyl leather coming off, but ive had mine for 6 years, and had no problems. Unless youre going to scratch it off with your nails, that wont be a problem. Also, i keep them in the outside pocket of my backpack, which gets thrown around a lot, and they have NO damage. BEST HEADPHONES BY FAR.

Customer Buzz
"head phones" 2010-01-28
By Jerome Chiappetta (NEW YORK)
great head phones 2nd pair for my kid as she takes my wifes all the time

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Sony MDR-XB500 40mm XB Diaphragm Driver Extra Bass Headphones Reviews

Sony MDR-XB500 40mm XB Diaphragm Driver Extra Bass Headphones Reviews
Other products by Sony Ratting 4.5 Out of 5.0 Special Offer Total New 33 Total Use 0

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New Extra Bass Series Headphone - 40mm XB diaphragm driver units for Dynamic Deep Bass - Frequency response: 4-25,000 Hz - Sensibility: 104dB/mW

Technical Details

- Power handling capacity: 1500mW
- Over the head, around-the-ear wearing style (circum-aural closed)
- King size ear cushion (diameter: 3.7¿, thickness: 1.8¿)
- Cord: 1.2m flat cord
- Carrying pouch
See more technical details
Customer Buzz
"great headphones" 2010-05-18
By Mark C
-excellent sound quality- the bass is great (that's a given) but I was a little worried about the mids and highs, after using some of their earbuds. Turns out Sony has designed these headphones extremely well and sound quality in all ranges is crystal clear and supported
-comfortable- it really is like having pillows on the side of your head. The extensive foam padding is memory foam or something and after a while you don't even feel them. If it weren't for the heat buildup you might forget you're wearing them.
-draws attention- they're definitely the biggest headphones i've ever seen and I'm assuming everyone is just as interested.
-Well built- this unit feels solid and everything is securely attached.
-flat cord- reduces tangles

-big, not very portable- i mean, you can't fold them down for easier packing. Probably not very ideal for trips, or really putting them in any bags since they're so bulky
-draws attention- this can be good or bad depending on your personality and whether you like attention. Personally I don't give a damn so this wasn't really a con for me, but might be for others.
-HEAT- I think the biggest con is the heat buildup- it can get uncomfortable after a while.

I really like these headphones and the cons, in my opinion, are almost negligible compared to the pros. I'll probably include updates as to the longevity of these headphones, but for the moment I highly recommend them.

Customer Buzz
"Great headphones" 2010-05-10
By E. Vargas (Orange County, CA)
So i don't really purchase headphones but when i tried these at a local retailer and bought them here for the cheaper price, i fell in love, they sound really nice and look great.

Customer Buzz
"Quite Pleased" 2010-05-05
By Rhett T. Castleberry (Clarksville, TN USA)
First off i just want to say that i use mine for casual listening music and movies mainly.
They have the best comfort you re gunna get if a headset period. They perform very well from the bass to the tremble but not overly amazing but def very good. For durability the cord is very tough with good sound construction of the rest of the headphones. They are very light and stay on my head very well. I wouldnt buy them for running for anything but they re fine for walking around. I would def buy them agian and am buying the 50mm ones right now just to see if they re even better.
For the price id say it is a excellent buy.

Customer Buzz
"Could make a better pair on my own with parts from Radioshack" 2010-05-05
By Amazon Customer
Yes, they are very comfortable and have deep bass. But the bass overwhelms everything. If you prefer a balanced sound with deep bass, this is not the pair for you; you will hear -only- the bass. In addition, if you compress the headphones onto your head, the pressure will immediately damage the speakers and you will start to hear crackling noise when in use.

Customer Buzz
"Excellent headphone for the price" 2010-04-29
By Ed H. Chi (Palo Alto, CA USA)
I bought this after reading many of the reviews here and elsewhere. The sound is quite good, and for the price and functionality, exactly what I was looking for in these types of headphones. I wanted something that blocked out the sound from the airplane when I am traveling, but yet the ears should not get overly hot.

I love the comfort of the big cushions, even though that increased the size of the device overall. I also really like the flat cords for storage, as it seems get tangled up less in my bags.

Overall, I would buy these again, and it seems to function better than the noise-canceling headphones I have bought in the last 5-10 years.

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Sony Walkman E-340 Series 8 GB Video MP3 Player (Black) Reviews

Sony Walkman E-340 Series 8 GB Video MP3 Player (Black) Reviews
Other products by Sony Ratting 4.0 Out of 5.0 Special Offer Total New 9 Total Use 2

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Enjoy your favorite music and videos wherever you go with the full-featured E Series Walkman video MP3 player. Boasting long-lasting battery life, the slim and compact E340 Walkman player delivers up to 30 hours of music or up to 4 hours of video playback on a single charge. In addition to supporting multiple audio codecs and video formats, you can listen to your favorite FM programming via the built-in FM tuner. Plus, a user-friendly interface makes navigating through your music, pictures and videos a breeze.

Technical Details

- 8 GB capacity for about 2,000 songs
- Up to 30 hours of audio or 4 hours of video on a single charge
- 2-inch, 262,144-color LCD with 240 x 320 QVGA pixel resolution
- Supports MP3, WMA (DRM), AAC, and Linear PCM audio formats; AVC, MPEG-4, and WMV (DRM) video formats; JPEG image files
- One-year limited warranty
See more technical details
Customer Buzz
"Clear and Crisp Sound!" 2010-05-02
By FashionGoddess (Detroit, MI)
I purchased this Sony Walkman after searching endlessly for an IPOD. I did not really want to spend the amount of money the IPODs were going for and did not feel I needed all the extras the IPODs offered. Some of the features such as video shooting on the IPODS is useless to me, because this feature is on my cell phone, so I didn't feel it was necessary to spend the extra funds on a music device that offered features I did not feel I would use. I am very practical and I just want to listen to good music and clearity, crisp sound. The Sony Walkman E-340 Series provided me with exactly that, amazing clear sound and the ability to upload my music from my PC onto my device. It also comes with radio capability, which I was looking for as well. Some of the other features, such as the video & photo features I have not tried yet (for uploading videos onto the device not recording as with some of the IPODS), but these were not the features that brought me to purchase the devise either, as I stated above, it was the simplicity of the device itself. I may find it useful at some point, but for now I am enjoying what I purchased the device for, to listen to music! The device is user friendly and I purchased it in black which looks very sleek! It is lightweight and easily fits in any small purse or pocket. I purchased the 6 piece set and it came with an arm band that you can use when working out, and a protective rubber cover (although could only use about 3 peices out of the set?). I am even able to use my Garmin AC/DC adapter with it, as one did not come with it. The device did come with some nice headphones, however. The organizing of your music may not be as A+ as with the more expensive IPOD brands, but I knew this from reading one or two of the reviews before I purchased the device, so this was not an issue for me, i just click the back button on the device, which takes you to the home menu, scroll to the center using the arrow in the center of the device, then click on the music note icon in the center,and I m able to locate a song or artist from my music library. I am enjoying this device as it was well worth the price I paid for it!

Customer Buzz
"Rather Dissapointing Step Backwards" 2010-04-30
By E. Peck (Orlando, FL)
Explanation below - quick summary for those that don't want to read.

Low Price
Good Sound
MicroUSB connector

screen issues
terrible video format choice
limited video conversion support
video conversion makes videos smaller than screen
cheap plastic body with awkward shape
flat, difficult to use buttons
poor software support

On a recent trip I lost my Sony 4 GB Walkman Video MP3 Player with FM Tuner (Red) which was the best mp3 player I've ever owned. Great sound, the video feature was cool, the radio was nice, it was pretty much all way ahead of what was available in the corresponding nano at the time - and for less. It was very compact, smooth and came with good headphones. I'm extremely ticked at myself for losing it.

I got home and ordered what looked to be the latest iteration of what I had. Unfortunately this E-344 isn't close to the same level of quality. The case is larger, all made of plastic and toy-ish feeling and the ends are shaped at weird angles that make it much more difficult to slip into a pocket. The new button layout seems to be an attempt to look like the ipod wheel, but it's impossible to tell what button is in use by touch. The old raised buttons were great on a dark flight. Now I've got to pull this thing out and look at it. The buttons are also very cheap feeling and very loud. They make a loud clicking noise when pressed.

For some reason Sony changed the video format. It used to be similar to what would play on the ps3. WinFF had walkman presets that worked great. They've switched it on this player to a proprietary Windows format not supported by ffmpeg, or probably any free tools for that matter as the new format requires a royalty for software that creates it.

The walkman comes with software that will convert video files and transfer them to the mp3 player. I can't find any documentation on what kind of files it will take, so I've been just trying different stuff out. So far, only .avi files seem to work. It's using DivX to do that, something a lot of people don't have on their computers. I'm not sure what people who aren't running windows can do. This is a incredibly poor choice for a video format.

On top of that, while the screen is larger than my old walkman, when the videos get formatted they are put into a size that doesn't use the full screen. The videos are actually boxed with black bars above and below. On a 2 inch screen. That's absolutely ridiculous. Why should buying a newer version of a device mean moving backward?

When the device is connected to the PC, it has a white circle that is shown with some messages about status. I plugged it in when I got it to charge it up and sync over my music. Now that white circle is burned into the display and I can see it when watching videos. Along with the outline of some of the words that appear below it. This is after having it for 2 days. I am struggling with going through the hassle of returning it or just letting it ride. If you are a perfectionist about this stuff, this is something to consider.

If I want playlists, and I do, I have to use Windows Media Player. It's interface for working with the walkman is awful. Playlists can't be made on the device. You have to make them on the pc, add them to the 'sync tab' and then sync them over. When making playlists, it isn't possible to view what music is already on the walkman. If that's not poor design I don't know what is. I can get what I want but the effort involved is completely out of line with how it ought to be.

So I've listed all my gripes, here are the good parts.

The sound is not bad. It's pretty good and the player has a great price. So when it's all said and done, at the gym or on the road I can listen to my music and it will sound all right.

The biggest thing Sony did right was switching to micro usb for the connection to the device. All mp3 players should do this. I can connect with cables I already have. I don't have to worry about losing the one magical sony cable or what it will cost to replace it. I always have some around for my phone, portable hard drives, etc. When I'm on traveling I don't have to worry about a bunch of power adapters - I can charge my phone, mp3 player, etc. from my laptop with a standard cable. That's nice. So if I could get back my old walkman with this new usb connector it would be the best mp3 player of all time.

But as this thing is, I couldn't really recommend this to anyone. You can do better without spending too much more.

Customer Buzz
"A few issues" 2010-04-24
By EtherealCereal (Michigan)
I bought this MP3 player because of Sony's reputation for delivering high quality sound. I have had a the same problems with the video as a few other people, but two of my issues come not from the player (which sounds great), but from the extras included.

1. The headphones/earbuds- MY BIGGEST ISSUE: One would think, given how long the Walkman has been around (and how popular it is has been) that not only would Sony include a pair of quality sounding earbuds (my Phillips Magnavox earbuds sound superior to these), but would also think to include a pair of earbuds with an L-jack, instead of a straight jack. I posessed many pairs of earbuds from Radio Shack back in the 1980's, and the downfall of the straight headphone jack is that it would almost ALWAYS lead to a short in the wiring from excessive movement, especially if you have to wait a few weeks to buy the armband, and have it stowed in the pocket of you jacket, pants, shorts, or otherwise.
2. The Sony Walkman interface-Incredibly difficult to use, especially when syncing videos to your Walkman. You need the exact video conversion rate for this to work properly. you're better off using WMP.

I have not had any problems with syncing songs or creating playlists, so I am very happy with the sound quality of the Walkman itself, and with the storage capacity. I do wish however, that they would have been more thoughtful of the consumer when choosing the extras to include with this player. Some people leading a more active lifestyle would undoubtedly be grateful.

Customer Buzz
"Sony Walkman E-340" 2010-04-24
By Nancela (Bethel, CT United States)
It has taken me many years to break down and get a Walkman. This product is perfect for me since I have very few 'device' skills. Simple to use with clear instructions and not a lot of complex uses. It works well for downloading all my favorite music (which is the only thing I really wanted it for!)I highly recommend it for the "newby" to computer devices. Also the price is just right!

Customer Buzz
"great product...better than my old IPod" 2010-04-16
By Erik McNeal
I had a 1st gen iPod for four years and when it finally died on me, I got this Sony and it works great and not hurting the wallet either.
Using Windows Media Player syncing took a bit of a learning curve but its easy after that.

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